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Roundhouse Objects Conservation - Sep. 18, 2012

September 18, 2012


The purpose of this exercise is to identify what conservation work can be done.  For all objects I identified:
  • what can be cleaned (inside and out) and with what tools, 
  • any consolidation (simple re-attachment or repairs) and stabilization (for metals, protecting from rust), prepare a label tag, 
  • identify any materials required for this work and if purchasing is necessary.  
In a later step there will be updates necessary to an online public database along with record photography with a light box and additional lighting.  The assessment information is presented to the curator for discussion and, later, a decision is made on what to proceed with.


Roundhouse Objects Small Group
I started with the small group of objects as shown to the left and set up a short "production line" with all the objects uncovered and laid out on a large table.  One object at a time was carefully examined under a lamp.  Each object came with a page describing the condition, any known history, measurements, recorder name and company but nothing was recorded in terms of conservation needed.  I read each description and verified all the written information.  Any additional information will be added if needed.

An entry was posted in an Excel spreadsheet for each object identifying the following pieces of information:

Sequence number
Museum identification number: example - 2007.012.001
Short description: example - glass, bottle
Photograph: a simple quick, photo with a scale and automatic settings
Recorder: who recorded the initial information
Accession Date: date acquired by the museum
Condition: example - Poor: surface corrosion, crusted sand and dirt, unstable, dented
Conservation needed: example - surface cleaning with soft brush
Secondary Description: example - A similar object is already in the museum collection 2007.012.033

Here is a close-up photograph of one of the objects examined in this first group, a cigarette package (empty, of course):

Sweet Caporal Cigarette Package - sold in Canada for at least 125 years

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